• Abby Stoddard, PharmD,MBA

OLCC Update - Product Recall!

Updated: May 20, 2020

On January 16th the OLCC issued an important product recall for Winberry Farms Sweet Leaf Blend Pre-rolls made with the Trap Star strain. The recall was due to the identification of potentially unsafe pesticide residue and failure to follow the two-lab verification procedure after failure of an initial pesticide test.

The impacted products were distributed by DYME Distribution to 9 dispensaries across the state. The OLCC reports that those retailers have pulled the remaining products from their shelves. Full details of the product recall are available at this link.

While the products have been removed from the shelves, approximately 370 units were sold to consumers between December 17th, 2019 and January 8th, 2020. The CCN encourages consumers to review their recent purchases for Winberry Farms Sweet Leaf Blend Pre-rolls and the recall information at the above link. Consumers with the original product packaging and label material can also reach out to a trusted dispensary or budtender to help determine if their product is impacted by the recall.

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