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OLCC Product Recall Alert

This week the OLCC issued a mandatory product recall for marijuana flower and extract products that failed to pass required lab testing for the presence of pesticides. The impacted product was used to make pre-rolls and mixed with other sources to make extracts.

Consumers should review their product labels and dispose of any impacted product or return it to the retailer where it was purchased. The OLCC provides a guide of how to dispose of marijuana products at home here.

The recalled products are:

Emerald Extracts Purple Slurry

  • Manufactured by Emerald Treasure LLC

  • Label ID 2805

  • Made on 9/9/20

  • Tested by MW Labs on 9/14/20

Marijuana Flower Pre-Rolls

  • Strains of 'Qurkle', 'BP Oil Slick' or 'Green Crush'

  • Tested by Ecotest on 3/12/20

  • Sold from Bernie's Universal Dispensaries in South Beach, OR

The OLCC press release provides a full listing of retailers who carried the impacted products and approximate dates of sale.

There have been no reports of illness, and consumers with specific concerns about their personal health should contact their physician with related questions. Consumers with concerns or questions may also contact the product retailer or the Oregon Poison Center at 800-222-1222.

Read the full press release from the OLCC here.

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