Ready to Enroll in the OMMP?  Great!  Now to the paperwork.

Cannabis, as with all healthcare, comes with some paperwork.  Don't worry - we will do our best to be your guide and break it down for you!  In order to enroll you must submit an application to the Oregon Health Authority.  Visit the OHA new patients page for the application form, access to the online application system and FAQs.  Your application must have the following documents:

  • Proof of Oregon residency

  • Government issued ID

  • Attending physician statement (APS)


Additional information must be submitted if you are using a caregiver, designating a grower, or are growing your own medicine. The number one piece of documentation all applications must have is a statement from a physician certifying that you have a qualifying medical condition and may benefit from cannabis.  There are two ways to do this:

  • Print the Oregon Health Authority Attending Physician Certification Form, bring it to your next appointment, and ask a physician you currently work with to certify you for the program

    • Pros: Avoids extra cost of physician appointment specific to cannabis certification​

    • Cons: Having this conversation can be intimidating, and you may have to fill out the rest of the application on your own

  • Make an appointment with a physician that specializes in certifying patients for cannabis medicine in Oregon.

    • Pros: These specialists are the experts in cannabis care, and most offices will help you complete your application​

    • Cons: These appointments can cost between $150-$300, and are not covered by insurance

Either way we've got you covered.  Check out our Client Corner Blog feature with American's for Safe Access for tips on having the cannabis conversation with your doctor.  If you'd rather visit someone who specializes in cannabis medicine and certifying patients in Oregon, check out our OMMP physician directory below.  All physicians in our directory have offices in the state, but many also offer telemedicine options to be accessible anywhere.


Find a certifying OMMP doctors near you.

Many providers also offer telemedicine options - check with individual provider for availability.

Disclaimer: The Client Centered Network physician directory is for informational purposes only.  The Client Centered Network does not endorse or support the use of any provider, and the directory does not constitute medical or legal advice.