"As a pharmacist, I know the difference that well trained staff and dedicated management can make in the chaotic world of community pharmacy. Just as the retail pharmacy experience can vary, the retail cannabis experience can be just as diverse, with hundreds of options to choose from. That's where The Client Centered Network comes in - to highlight cannabis retailers with responsible, trusted staff and management dedicated to providing quality customer experience."

- Abigail Stoddard, Founder of the Client Centered Network

Abby Headshot.jpg

Abby is a pharmacist with ten years of experience across all facets of the industry including retail, hospital, managed care and public policy. A current member of the Minnesota Department of Health’s Medical Cannabis Review Panel, Abby understands the benefits cannabis can bring to the lives of patients and its contribution to the wellness of individuals. Having been a pharmacy technician at a fast-paced, high volume retail pharmacy serving a diverse community, she recognizes the ability of front line workers to impact the experience and wellness of their customers. Abby created the Client Centered Network to connect dispensaries with professional, educated staff to consumers seeking the benefits cannabis products have to offer to their health, wellness and life.

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